Water Waste Collector: vessels dedicated to the collection of floating solid waste and vegetation

A new type of vessel has been developed to meet the specific need for solid waste collection in areas of high concentration as well as for the collection of green algae / sargassum.

An innovative vessel designed by our engineers and naval architects and manufactured by our operational teams, it ensures, in very little water, the collection of solid waste with the help of a collection belt at the front of the vessel.

Indeed, 3 longitudinal belts in front of the ship allow the collection at sea then the unloading in 2 transverse belts to refocus the collection on a central belt and finally a longitudinal belt which unloads the waste in big bags. The speed of the belts is independently adjustable.

The boat's power allows it to travel at 8 knots and to be maneuverable in swells and currents.

The size of the boat (11.85 m, overall length) ensures a good stability and a consequent load of 15 tons on the deck.

This boat has a wheelhouse that allows the crew to be sheltered and to navigate safely.

The boat has wheels to get out of the water.

The propulsion is hydraulic and the engine is cooled by keelcooling (without sea water intake).

Discover the ship in video : (FR) / (EN)

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