Our shipyard designs and builds an innovative school ship

The maritime high school Pierre Loti of Paimpol, wishing to have a new school ship for the beginning of the school year 2023/2024 has signed a contract with our shipyard EFINOR Sea Cleaner this summer 2022.


This vessel, financed by the government's stimulus package, is an innovative 12-meter vessel equipped with hybrid propulsion.

Territorial anchoring: a 100% local partnership

"We are delighted with the construction in the direct vicinity of the high school, which will facilitate contact and exchanges between our students and the shipyard's engineers," says Marc Lebas, director of the school. Marc Lebassays Marc Lebas, director of the school.

"We are proud to build this vessel that we will be able to see evolve in the waters of Paimpol. This is an opportunity to put our know-how to work for a local player", says Benjamin Lerondeau, operational director of the shipyard.

Its missions

Replacing an existing vessel, this vessel, a true demonstration platform of the sectors, must allow the training of students of the maritime high school. It will also allow to open up to other local partners by proposing support missions to the Research and Development department.

This vessel will have the capacity to accommodate up to 12 people, i.e. 10 trainees and 2 trainers.

Innovation for the environment

Innovation, the real DNA of the company EFINOR Sea CleanerInnovation, a true DNA of the company, has been solicited for this project in order to propose an alternative to the 100% thermal engine, more respectful of the environment.

A hybridization system - electric and thermal - has been designed by the shipyard's teams of architects and naval engineers.

In addition, solar panels will be installed on the roof to help recharge the batteries.

Finally, this school boat is made of aluminum, an environmentally friendly material that can be recycled over and over again.

The projected schedule calls for manufacturing to begin at the site in November 2022 for delivery in September 2023.

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