Pollution control vessel: two new MOBULAs on order

Today, the evidence is clear: 80% of marine pollution comes from the land .

Even if more and more actions are implemented to fight this pollution on land, marine litter, of which the most important fraction is represented by plastic waste, continues to invade rivers and streams before reaching the coastal zone.

Thus, in order to be able to collect these plastic pollutions as soon as possible, before they disintegrate, making their collection much more complicated, EFINOR SEA CLEANER, designer and manufacturer of clean-up vessels, has created a model with patented double flow technology, of relatively small size to allow intervention in cramped areas

This range of vessels called WASTE CLEANER allows, with the help of a single operator, to clean up polluted areas in the near coast or in rivers.

In this context, The SeaCleaners association called on our expertise to build a Waste Cleaner named MOBULA 8, in reference to the ray of the same name, an obvious reference to the association's flagship project: the MANTA.

A new "win-win" partnership

Building on the success of this product, which responds to one of the association's challenges of intervening in different parts of the planet to better meet the needs of countries most affected by the pollution of their aquatic environments and lacking sufficient infrastructure to limit and manage this waste, The SeaCleaners have placed an order with us for two new MOBULAs, named MOBULA Z (twin to the MOBULA 8) and MOBULA 10 respectively.

The MOBULA 8 (including the MOBULA Z) are multi-purpose, 9-metre cleanup boats designed to clean up calm, inland and slow-moving waters: rivers, mangroves, lake areas, canals and coastal areas (up to 5 miles from the coast).

Heavier, the MOBULA 10 will reach the respectable size of 11 to 12 m and will be able to operate in rougher waters: rivers and streams with strong currents and coastal areas up to 20 miles from the coast.

The MOBULA Z will go into production in our workshops at the end of March for delivery in the summer of 2023. The MOBULA 10, which requires a slightly longer design phase, will go into production in early May for delivery at the end of 2023.

All the teams are delighted with this new collaboration to protect our oceans.

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Continue to follow us, we will soon tell you about the adventure of the 1st MOBULA 8, currently based in Benoa, on the island of Bali, to participate in the national strategy set up by Indonesia to reduce plastic pollution. Clean-up operations will take place, and the personnel on site will be trained by one of our pilots.

A big thank you to Jean-Philippe MERIGLIER for the pictures, always of a great quality!

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2 Waste Cleaner vessels arrive in Cyprus


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