2 Waste Cleaner 92 vessels for Cyprus

The fisheries department of Cyprus, within the framework of its plan to protect the coasts against hydrocarbons, wished to equip itself with depollution vessels.

They have chosen our vessels equipped with double flow technology.

They chose the Waste Cleaner 92, which has the advantage of being roadworthy but with a larger hydrocarbon storage capacity than our other units in this range.

2 Waste Cleaner 92 to Cyprus

So we signed up for 2 Waste Cleaner 92s that will be delivered by early 2024.

Working to meet the specific needs of our customers, our teams in the design office are working on a few modifications to the model, particularly for the safety part.

Click here to see the characteristics of this vessel: EFINOR SEA CLEANER

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2 Waste Cleaner 92 vessels for Cyprus

clean-up vessels for Cyprus